Dennis & Annette

Pastors Dennis and Annette are the founders and senior pastors of The Dwelling Place Church. They are two people who exemplify the life and love of Christ. This beautiful couple have been married for 29 years, and have loved God and loved one another through it all. Their down-to-earth, real, and transparent style of leadership and teaching has impacted countless lives and their testimony is living proof that God can do anything and that He will make a way out of no way, just as He promised He would!

In 2014, God instructed Pastors Dennis and Annette that it was time to open the doors of a church that would be dedicated to healing hurting souls and changing lives. A church that wasn’t pretentious and caught up in unnecessary traditions. A church that loves to praise God. A church that values sound teaching as essential to building up the body of Christ. And so, The Dwelling Place was formed as a non-denominational, multi-ethnic church where people of all nations and backgrounds can come to worship, be healed and be discipled.

As proud parents of 3 children and 2 God-children, this family knows what it’s like to be constantly moving. But they always remember that spending time with God and appreciating Him for all His blessings comes first before anything else. The entire family is actively involved in the ministries of The Dwelling Place and helping to fulfill God’s plan in seeing lives changed.